About Mark Yurachek

I have been practicing law since 2000. When I was in law school and first starting in my own practice, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from the best trial lawyers in Atlanta and have added to that my own extensive experience representing clients in appeals and post-conviction actions all over the country.

I am bar licensed in both Virginia and Georgia and am a member of all appellate courts in both states. I am also a member of the United States Supreme Court, the United States District Courts for the Northern District of Georgia, the Eastern District of Virginia and the Middle District of Georgia, as well as the United States Courts of Appeal for the Eleventh, Fourth and Sixth Circuits.

I have served as counsel in appeals involving defendants convicted in multi-million dollar fraud cases, as well as numerous appellate and post-conviction actions involving convictions ranging from shoplifting to multiple murders, and virtually everything in between. In all, I have been counsel in approximately sixty reported appeals since 2000, as well as dozens of unreported habeas actions. I have represented clients in many high-profile cases and been counsel in several notable appellate court decisions where convictions were either vacated or reversed altogether.

The best lawyers are often tasked with the most difficult cases, and while I have certainly not won every case I have ever handled, in every year since 2003, I have been counsel in at least one case that either reversed or vacated a lower court decision in either a criminal or civil action. Not only clients, but other attorneys from all over the country have retained me for my expertise in criminal law, particularly appellate and post-conviction practice because they know my work to be painstakingly thorough and respected in every court where I have ever practiced, thus giving the client the best shot possible for a favorable outcome.